The Meaning Behind Indomitable Spirit Fitness

Indomitable Spirit Fitness was founded upon the notion of 'Indomitable Spirit', which means "never wanting to give up". We believe this is a very important value and quality to have as an individual in all facets of life, and in particular with health and fitness endeavours. We therefor built the name around this value, and encourage our clients to pursue their health and fitness desires with this thought in mind. 

The Meaning Of The Three Drops

The three drops represent blood, sweat and tears.

These are the elements of hard work, dedication and sacrifice. The drops therefor embody the essenses of an indomitable spirit.



Indomitable Spirit - A spirit that cannot be subdued, overcome or vanquished. Through will and courage, the strength from within forges the individual to become unconquerable: an indomitable warrior. Indomitable Spirit is shown when a courageous person is pitted against overwhelming odds and adversity. When confronted the encounter is met without any fear or hesitation, for in this world there is no force as strong as the will and courage of an individual "Never Wanting to Give Up". As long as the indomitable spirit remains, they cannot be defeated.

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